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7:30-9:30 am   Breakfast
8:15 am            Rabbi YY Jacobson   'Facing the Uncertainties of Life: 
9:00 am           Shacharit
10:00 am         Youth Minyan & Kid’s Program
10:00 am         Baby Sitting
12:00 pm         Shofar
2:00 pm           Kiddush on the Ocean Terrace
2:30 pm           Seudat Yom Tov
4:30 -7 pm       Coffee, Tea & Cake
4:30 pm            Kid’s Program
4:30 pm           Baby Sitting
4:30 pm           Rabbi Manis Friedman    'The Midrash Predicts Current Events in the Middle East’
6:00 pm           General Workshop Mrs Miryam Swerdlov    'Keep Goin', No Matter What!’
6:00 pm           Advanced Workshop Rabbi YY Jacobson   ‘Daf Yomi’​
6:56 pm           Candle Lighting
7:00 pm             Mincha
7:30 pm           Rabbi YY Jacobson   ‘Hinani: The Majesty of Commitment’
8:00 pm           Kabbalat Shabbat & Ma’ariv
8:30 pm           Seudat Yom Tov
10:30 pm           Crossfire II: Stump the Rabbis: Rabbi Manis Friedman, Rabbi YY Jacobson


7:30-9:30 am    Breakfast
8:15 am             Rabbi Manis Friedman   'Not What You Did, But To Who'
9:00 am           Shacharit
10:00 am         Youth Minyan & Kid’s Program
10:00 am         Baby Sitting
12:00 pm           Kiddush on the Ocean Terrace
12:30 pm         Seudat Shabbat
3:00 pm           Coffee, Tea & Cake
3:30 pm Kid’s Program
3:30 pm           Baby Sitting
3:30 pm          Rabbi Manis Friedman 'Conquering the World with Goodness. Game Plan for the Coming Year.'
3:30 pm          Advanced Workshop Rabbi YY Jacobson   ‘Daf Yomi’​
4:30 pm          Rabbi YY Jacobson 'Behind the Scenes of the Israeli-Arab Conflict'
6:00 pm          Mincha
6:30 pm          Seudah Shlishit Dinner
7:30 pm          Seder Niggunim - Unity in Song    
7:47 pm          Shabbat Ends
7:50 pm          Ma’ariv & Havdalah
9:00 pm          Late Check-out    
9:30 pm          Melave Malka & Musical Kumzitz with Rabbi Pinny, Rabbi Manis, Rabbi YYJ & Jimmy Costello
                        (For guests remaining till Sunday)


8:00 am    Shacharis
8:30 am    Breakfast for those not fasting

11:00 am  Check out

Best Wishes for a Happy Healthy New Year. Please reserve for Yom Kippur & Sukkos.

wednesday, September 20th
Check Into Hotel                                    3:00 pm
Arrival Buffet                                         3:00 - 6:30 pm                           Garden Foyer
Candle Lighting                                     7:01 pm (Eruv Tavshilin)             South Foyer
Mincha                                                  7:00 pm                                                Garden/Salon VII
Kid’s Program                                       7:00 pm                                                Salon I, II, III, IV, V
Greetings by Rabbi Pinny                                  7:30 pm                                                Garden
Rabbi YY Jacobson                              7:40 pm                                                Garden
‘Birthday of a New World’  
Ma’ariv                                                  8:00 pm                                                Garden/Salon VII
Seudat Yom Tov                                               8:30 pm                                                Grand/Galbut Veranda E
After Dinner                                                                                          Grand  
Round table with Rabbi/CEO Mendel Duchman

thursday, September 21st 

Breakfast                                              7:30-9:30 am                             Grand                          
Rabbi YY Jacobson                              8:15 am                                     Grand
The Secret of the Shofar’                                                                        Grand
Shacharit                                              9:00 am                                     Garden/Salon VII
Youth Minyan & Kid’s Program              10:00 am                                  Salon II, III, IV, V                       
Baby Sitting                                          10:00 am                                   Salon I
Sermon by Rabbi Pinny                                                                         Garden
Shofar                                                  12:00pm                                    Garden
Seudat Yom Tov                                               2:00 pm                                   Grand
Coffee, Tea & Cake                              4:30 -7 pm                                Foyer E / Veranda West
Kid’s Program                                       4:30 pm                                                Salon II, III, IV, V
Baby Sitting                                          4:30 pm                                                Salon I 
Rabbi Sergio Slomianski                                   4:30 pm                                                Salon VII
'Faith vs Hope’
Rabbi YY Jacobson                              4:30 pm                                                Veranda West
Mystism: Alter Rebbe’s Likkutei Torah
Rabbi YY Jacobson                              5:30 pm                                                Garden
‘This Unique Moment in Jewish History’
Mincha                                                  6:45 pm                                                Garden/Salon VII
Tashlich on the 18th Hole                                    7:15 pm                                                Golf Course                 
Candle Lighting                                     after 7:52 pm                            South Foyer
Rabbi Simon Jacobson                         8:00 pm                                                Garden
‘Look What the Wind Blew In’
Lessons from the Hurricanes: Physical & Spiritual
Ma’ariv                                                  8:30 pm                                                Garden/Salon VII          
*Seudat Yom Tov                                  9:00 pm                                                Grand
Crossfire: Stump the Rabbis:                 10:45 pm                                  Grand
Rabbis Simon & YY Jacobson with Moderator Mendel Duchman

*Please note that Jewish law does not allow any preparation for dinner
until after candle lighting. We therefore begin the meal a bit later than usual.