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Rosh Hashana Services


  • Chazzan Yechezkel Klang
  • Chazzan Tzali Camissar
  • Chazzan Rabbi Rachmiel Andrusier

Rosh Hashana • Yom Kippur 2018-5779 at the beautiful Eden Roc Miami Beach is pleased to offer three wonderful services with phenomenal cantors who are guaranteed to delight, inspire and ensure a most pleasant and enjoyable High Holiday service for one and all. Service One with Dudu Fisher, Service Two Nussach Ari with Chazzan Tzali Camissar and Rachmiel Andrusier and Service Three a Sefardic Minyan led by Rabbi Amram Amselem

Chazzan Yechezkel Klang needs no introduction.

This is the very first time Chazzan Klang will be leading High Holiday services in Florida. We are so fortunate and extremely excited to be able to host this once in a lifetime voice as our lead Chazzan for the High Holidays 2017. Reserve today and you will undoubtedly enjoy his Rosh Hashana melodies and his recital of the solemn Kol Nidrei prayer.

Chazzan Tzali Camissar was born in London, raised in Israel and now serves as the popular Chazzan Sheni at The Shul in Bal Harbor, Florida. Chazzan Camissar is a third generation cantor who now sings alongside world renowned maestro, Chazzan Yaakov Motzen.

'Songs from the heart enter the heart' best describes Chazzan Rabbi Rachmiel Andrusier. A wonderful Baal Tefilah and master of Nussach, guests are always enthralled by Rabbi Andrusier's heartfelt davening and sweet melodies.

Rosh Hashana Services are truly heavenly and breathtaking, as they take place overlooking the beautiful blue glistening ocean.

Services are led by Rabbi Pinny, dynamic spiritual leader of Chabad of Southwest Broward. Services are filled with energy, insight and song.

Adults are able to especially enjoy High Holiday prayers while the children are being well cared for in our wonderful Youth Services and professional baby sitting program.